Teddy & The Bassman - Episode 25

January 24th, 2017

Happy 2017! America is looking more and more like an Orwellian nightmare, but here in Steampunk Towers it's warm and toasty, and we are enjoying part 2 of our conversation with the God of Pod Evan Harris and our gorgeous daughter Catherine (who surprised her dad at Christmas). Evan hots things up even more as he holds our feet to the fire on some pretty thought-provoking questions (apologies that his mic was a little hot, so a bit of distortion, but he’s awesome just the same!)


We play the Who can stay/Who has to go? game, which segues into our first memories of our beloved Alan Rickman. We also enter the hypothetical Hunger Games, and decide who is the biggest threat. Our discussion of our favourite films sparks a debate on horror movies and why they scare us, and we rate our parents on the strictness scale. All this, along with the usual mélange of vintage commercials, silly jingles and cool music.


Featured Music:


Hourglass - Squeeze
Dinnerladies (Day by Day) – Victoria Wood
Little Baby – Howlin’ Wolf
Used To Rule The World – Randall Bramblett
Route 66 – Nelson Riddle Orchestra
Minor Swing – Johnny Depp