Teddy & The Bassman - Episode 28

June 22nd, 2017

THIS PODCAST CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE. Whew! What an episode! We started on Father’s Day, and it took Teddy until Thursday to mix it all down – we got talking and just couldn’t seem to make ourselves stop!


Episode 28 covers a huge range of subjects, from reminiscing about our dads, strong women in movies and television, Murdoch Mysteries, and our amazing singer/songwriter friend Carroll Brown (whose music features heavily in this episode). We talk about learning how not to give a F&*%, as well the National Archive of media. Bassman becomes Ranty McRantface, and Teddy explains why she is an enigma wrapped in bacon. All this, along with the usual mélange of vintage commercials, silly jingles and cool music.


Featured Music:


Theme Tune: NBC Sunday Mystery Movie – Henry Mancini
Honeybee – Steam Powered Giraffe
Sally B. Good – Carroll Brown
Barnacle Bill and Betty – Carrol Brown
Losing My Religion – Lacuna Coil
Scuttle Buttin’ – Stevie Ray Vaughan
Dois Nardestes – Clay Ross
Psychopomp – Thank You Scientist
Theme Tune – Murdoch Mysteries
Retrograde – James Blake
Sweet Savannah Nights – Carroll Brown