From the topmost turret of Steampunk Towers, Teddy & The Bassman bring you their weekly Podcast from the mysterious Steampunk Library. There, they meticulously comb the wide world of stuff (mostly through The Facebook and points beyond) and discuss their findings with one another and their special guests.

Music, theatre, the arts, writing, adult themes (sex, BDSM, Fantasies, Dominance and submission, et al) and many other things besides are just a starting point for our kind of breeze shooting. We want to challenge, entertain you, and maybe even give you something to think about and discuss. Please note that this podcast contains very strong language as well as very adult themes.

If you live close in the proximity of Steampunk Towers, we'd love to have you over for tea and lively discussion. If you live far away, we'd love to hear from you as well. We don't stand on ceremony (well, we don't stand any more than we have to on any surface - we actually sit in nice old wooden chairs from the High Point Furniture Company), and we don't set out to rub anyone the wrong way. We prefer to do it the right way.